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I joined Southwark Adult Social Care at the end of March 2022 so am still relatively new to the borough. Having spent the vast majority of my working life in a neighbouring borough, moving over to Southwark was an exciting yet daunting new venture. I am pleased to say that my initial anxieties were swiftly put to rest when I met my new manager and team.  

One thing that immediately struck me about Southwark was how open and supportive everyone was. I was able to meet and get to know my new team pretty quickly, which is impressive given that most of us are still working remotely. This is a true testament to the culture of the workforce in Southwark. I got the sense that people generally enjoyed working for the borough and that teamwork was a well-established value across all areas of the directorate. 

New starters joining Southwark are immediately afforded a wealth of resources.  These include enablers to understand the workforce and where everyone is based; clarity on procedures and necessary training and crucially information about their team and citizens who are likely to use their service. 

On the topic of learning, the way that Southwark is invested in their staffs’ professional development made a big impact on me and ultimately motivated my application to this position.  This married well with my personal belief that a workforce is most fruitful when it is encouraged and supported to grow. 

Another aspect I have come to enjoy at Southwark is that we do not shy away from innovation and creativity. Southwark offers several platforms hosted by senior members of staff in which to present new ideas and initiatives. Staff are generally encouraged to think outside the box and exercise their creative flare. This is something I am particularly passionate about being both a Social Worker and a carer of someone who has care and support needs. I have learnt that person centred solutions vastly improve one’s wellbeing. I am excited to work for an organisation that shares this belief. 

Southwark Adult Social Care is committed to an approach that focuses primarily on our citizens strengths. Working in this way helps us to focus on what’s right rather than what’s on working. Working in partnership with citizens to utilise their strengths, family networks and community assets to overcome their barriers. 

I have been fortunate enough to contribute to the Department of Health and Social Cares ‘Strengths-based approach: Practice Framework and Practice Handbook’. Learning that Southwark had adopted the handbook as part of their own approach made me feel confident that I was joining an authority that shared my values and more importantly believed in and promoted our citizens’ voices and expertise. 

Working for Southwark has also offered me unforeseen benefits. Each of Southwark’s working environments sits within thriving communities rich with culture. One therefore gets the sense you are sitting at the heart of the environment you serve: A community you want to see thrive and prosper and fulfil everything it hopes to achieve. If you are interested in embarking on a Social Work career please do not hesitate to apply. 


David Larcher

Principal Social Worker

Social Work England registered Social Worker, Mentor, Level 2 Practice Educator and BIA (Best Interest Assessor)

David is a skilled problem solver and enjoys working creatively. The role is key in our adult social care delivery upholding and promoting human rights, independence and strengths based approaches.

Principal Social Worker posts are structured differently in various areas. In Southwark the post is also strategic lead for safeguarding within Service Development. This structure enables a joined up approach for safeguarding, and that strength based is at the front and centre of everything that we do in adult social care. 

David has brought a fresh perspective since starting in Adult Social Care. It is really helpful that he comes from a neighbouring borough, and in the team we can benefit from his insight and experience, in particular how we can grow.

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