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Salil’s career in Southwark

I joined Southwark in 2015  as a Team Manager from Sept 2015 – May 2021 and then progressed into a Service Manager role. 

This was my first team manager position and I joined a team that was in its early stages of formation. During my time in this role I have recruited  new staff, developed new processes and ways of working that focused on the social model of mental health rather than more medical models which is what I had been used to since qualifying as a social worker.  I have learnt so much in my first leadership role and this was with the support of all.

I started working as a Service Manager in 2021 and have had the opportunity to work alongside a brilliant staff team and managers, which has made this role so enjoyable and rewarding.  Everyone is wholly committed to improving the outcomes and wellbeing of the people we support in creative and innovative ways.  This includes specialist support for people with substance misuse needs, occupational therapy, peer mentoring and rights/strengths based social work which is truly person centred.  We are a mental health adult social care service that is proud to use the frameworks of the social model and Care Act to support people.

I have worked as an Approved Mental Health Professional (AMHP) since 2007 and have continued to do so whilst working in my current role.   Here in Southwark the AMHP service has been centralised for many years and is a tightly run service with supportive leadership.  I have recently been re-warranted and value spending time contributing to the rota.  In this capacity we ensure people receive the assessment and treatment they urgently need when they experience mental health crises whilst aligning this with the framework and protections of the Mental Health Act. 

As a born and bred North Londoner, I have really enjoyed getting to know Southwark and discovering a new city south of the river!  It’s certainly unique; its vibrancy, diversity and multiculturalism makes Southwark such a great place to work.  What more there is something about the people in Southwark and how they all come together to deliver the best possible and that creates so many opportunities for staff and the community. 

You may ask yourself why I have continued to work in Southwark.  The reason would be that I’ve been given so many opportunities to learn, reflect and grow as a social worker, as a manager, a leader and as a person.  I’ve felt so fortunate to have really supportive colleagues, for me being supported means having colleagues and managers who are always available to guide me, to support me, to critically reflect, to grow, learn and be challenged. 

 In Southwark Adults Social Care there is a real culture of learning and development.  We offer a whole range of training and learning opportunities that are based on the needs of the service and staff. 

 A couple of years ago I was supported by the department to complete a Masters in Professional Leadership for Social Worker.  My research looked at a specific safeguarding adult issue in Southwark and it felt great to be exploring something that was pertinent to the borough which added value to the borough and its staff. 

 I have enjoyed developing my career alongside the opportunities that Southwark have had available and look forward to continuing this through my professional career.


Salil Meech Mazumdar

Service Manager

BA (Hons) Social Work

MA with Distinction : Professional Leadership for Social Worker


Southwark is fairly unique, in that there are separate mental health and social care teams. The advantages of a ‘stand alone’ service is that we can influence and change working practice, in response to emerging needs. Adult social care for physical and mental health needs work very closely together to support clients and carers effectively.

Salil has made substantial adjustments to his service since starting the role of Service Manager in May 2021. The pilot of the new specialist support for people with substance misuse needs is a great example of his commitments to improve outcomes, and the flexibility and proactive approach allowed by our Mental Health Adult Social Care Service.

Southwark has an excellent track record of successful internal appointments/promotions. Salil is an great example of this. His background and experience as a Team manager has contributed to his success as a Service Manager. Maintaining his AMHP (Approved Mental Health Professional) practice also helps him to have his finger on the pulse of front line practice and client priorities.


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